The revolution of luxury sunbathing.

The story of Remmus began in Finland nine years ago, when young Henrik Hirvensalo was enjoying a sunny day with his wife on a natural beach by the beautiful lakeside. Henrik had been lying on his towel for a while, when the constant movement among his fellow sunbathers captured his attention.

All around him he saw people moving their loungers, towels and other belongings as they were trying to find the perfect spot in the sun. To Henrik this appeared somewhat restless. Weren’t these people actually supposed to be able to relax and enjoy the best moments of the short Finnish summer?

Henrik looks at his wife, who also stands up and turns her lounger towards the sun. He starts to think. Couldn’t you enjoy sunbathing in a more convenient way? Henrik asks Marjo, his wife: “Darling, I know how much you love the sun. What if I could create a solution that would allow you to enjoy these brief sunny moments without all this moving and turning?”

Henrik starts to write down all his ideas immediately. First of all, the lounger has to turn automatically along the sun and it has to be built from the best materials available. It also has to include a waterproof safety locker, a high definition sound system, integrated water sprayers to cool down the air and a call button for a waiter.

The revolution of luxury sunbathing had just took its first steps

The same evening, Henrik enthusiastically starts to make more detailed plans for his rotating sun lounger. Nevertheless, he soon realizes that the project is going to take not only financial muscles but also the right contacts to find the best suppliers available for the components and materials and the right designer. Henrik must admit to himself that he lacks all of them at the moment.

Henrik refuses to give up the idea of a perfect lounger. He continues to work hard in his job, keeping the dream alive and looking tirelessly around for the right partners and contacts to complete the project.

Seven years later Henrik thinks that he is ready to bring the project back to life and he starts to search for a designer. Remmus will be a true luxury lounger built from the best materials, so it is obvious that the designer has to be world class, too. Then he finds Tapio Anttila.

Tapio Anttila is a well-known Finnish designer and five-time winner of the world’s most prestigious design award. Tapio gets excited about the concept and they start to work together. Now, nine years after that sunny day on the beach, we are proud to introduce you Remmus. The first true luxury sun lounger in the world that will turn sunbathing into an incomparable experience.